Set up your lists for success

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established list of contacts, we give you powerful tools to manage and grow your own lists.

  • CUSTOM FIELDS Set the foundation for personalization by storing custom data,like location, interests, or gender to make your campaigns more relevant.
  • SEGMENTATION Use our segmentation tools to target content to exactly the right audience. Create segments based on custom data your contacts share with you.
  • PREFERENCE CENTER Let your contacts take control of the data they share with you through our preference center, where subscribers can update their own details.
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  • EMAIL PERSONALIZATION Send custom content to every subscriber by personalizing it with the information they already share with you.
  • DYNAMIC CONTENT Take personalization one step further by displaying different content for different people, based on how your organize and segment your subscribers.


Get a granular view of your contacts

Get a single view of every interaction you’ve had with each of your contacts. See where they’re located, which email client they use, and how they interact with your email marketing campaigns.

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Grow your audience

  • WEBSITE SIGNUP FORMS Add a sleek looking subscribe button to your website and use our simple form builder to create a signup form that exactly matches your own brand.
  • SOCIAL CHANNELS With our Facebook Subscribe app, it’s easy to drop a signup form right onto your Facebook page. We even provide a white-label version for our agency partners to use for clients.
  • MOBILE APP Transform your iPad into a beautiful, branded subscriber form with our Enlist app. It’s perfect for your store counter or events where you want to capture signups.

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