Measure and optimize your email campaigns

Use our powerful testing tools and email analytics to measure the success of your emails directly live as soon as you press the send button

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Measure your success from anywhere

  • OPENS & CLICKS Track exactly who opened your emails, when they opened them and how many times each email was viewed by each recipient.
  • SHARING See who forwarded your email, or shared it on social channels like Facebook and Twitter to amplify your campaign’s message.
  • BOUNCES Know which emails bounce or can’t be delivered. We automatically remove any invalid email addressed to help you maintain clean lists.
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS Use our built-in Google Analytics integration to see what website activity, sales, conversions, and ROI your campaigns are generating.

Watch email engagement in real time

As soon as you launch your campaign, you can see where in the world your audience is opening, clicking and sharing your email. Plus, we display this all on a gorgeous full screen world map that you can share, all in real time.  

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Track your campaign from the palm of your hand

The Vox mailing mobile app let’s you see how your campaigns are performing, add to your lists on-the-go, and even check out Worldview all from your iPhone. You can download the app on from the App Store.

Optimize your campaigns for the best results

  • A/B TESTING Choose two subject lines or even two different email designs to test, pick the winning criteria and we’ll send the best performer.
  • SPAM TESTS To avoid triggering spam filters, we pass your content through real spam filters at the desktop, server, and firewall level before you send it.
  • INBOX PREVIEW See previews of your email in over 25 different email clients before sending your campaign to ensure your email looks great in any inbox.
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Want to run email marketing campaigns that deliver results for business ?